SIT Sustainability Plan: Made to Matter

“SIT wants to make a difference and play an active role in sustainable change.”

The first task assigned to the newly formed Sustainability Governance team was to draft a Sustainability Plan by pooling the ESG efforts and projects of the individual Company divisions and defining the key objectives for the implementation phase and the KPIs for measuring performance.

The Corporate Sustainability Director presented the plan to the Control, Risks and Sustainability Committee of SIT S.p.A and it was subsequently approved by the Company’s Board of Directors. Both the Sustainability Plan and the Strategic Plan cover the same time period (2021-2025) to guarantee total harmony between business operations and ESG performance, and to allow both plans to be adequately and promptly monitored by the same managerial and corporate groups.

The Sustainability Plan groups together around 50 initiatives and projects, which are assigned to the categories that correspond to the pillars defined in SIT’s Green Paper. The Plan is also linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (as per the UN’s 2030 Agenda), and sets out significant investments to be made by the group over time.

In particular, the “Made To Matter” Plan divides its initiatives into 4 areas:

  • MADE BY US – With the aim of creating long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders and to ensure an ethical and responsible business conduct
  • MADE FOR FUTURE – To develop sustainable products and reduce the environmental impact of production processes
  • MADE WITH CARE – In order to invest in people and the local community by creating conditions that allow them to thrive
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, INNOVATION & LEAN CULTURE – SIT Sustainability enablers, to develop our potential through digital innovation

The Sustainability Governance team will ensure the Sustainability Plan is deployed and monitored over time with a view to achieving the established goals.

Download the file pdf of the presentation of “Made to Matter – SIT’s Sustainability Plan at 2025”