SIT to date has not drawn up a future dividend distribution policy.  The Board of Directors of the company on occasion submits to the Shareholders’ Meeting the distribution of dividends.

Year 2022Year 2021 Year 2020Year 2019Year 2018
No. of dividend-receiving shares24.329.80024.605.94824.826.12225.007.46524.007.465
Nominal value00000
Coupon date09/05/202210/05/202108/06/202013/05/201907/05/2018
DividendEUR 0,30 per shareEUR 0,28 per azioneEUR 0,14 per shareEUR 0,28 per shareEUR 0,25 per share

A dividend of Euro 0.30 per share was paid in 2022.