The Brand

The company logo has been created by one of the Founders of the Company, dr.Pierluigi de’ Stefani.

The “S” letter, initial of “SIT”, represents an oscilloscope screen where a hystheresis cycle of ferromagnetic material is traced, which refers to the company’s activity: the manufacturing of safety controls for gas appliances.

In these controls, in fact, the safety magnet is made of highly permeable magnetic material.

This logo has been selected among the most original and beautiful Italian trade-marks shown in the book “MADE IN ITALIA” published in 1988 by Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro and Mr. Bruno Munari.

Here below a brief “story” of its creation:

The logo was deposited for the first time in 1960 with the word “Thermocontrol” indicating the company activity of manufacturing thermic regulation controls.

In 1970 the company logo was slightly modified by enclosing the words “SIT” and “Thermocontrol” in a square with rounded angles.

In 1986 the logo has been updated by simplifying its graphic design.