Sustainability for SIT

Approach to sustainability

SIT is aware of the growing importance of sustainability topics around the world and made a commitment in 2018 to monitor the environmental, social and economic impacts of its business activities, with a view to continuous improvement.

The objective is to pursue a business model that generates value for stakeholders across the board, combining operating performance with social and environmental sustainability objectives, while also promoting ethics and integrity and guaranteeing a focus on human resources and the wider community in general.

Through the Non-Financial Statement (Sustainability Report), SIT intends to make its stakeholders aware of its commitment to defining and achieving certain economic, social and environmental sustainability objectives.

In the preparation of the Sustainability Report, in addition to its own activities, SIT has carefully considered the interests and expectations of stakeholders.

SIT is a leader in the creation of smart solutions for the control of environmental conditions and consumptionmeasurement for a more sustainable world and operates, globally, in key technology sectors that enable energytransition.

ESG factors are inextricably linked to SIT’s business model, which aims at “sustainable success”: a full convergence  between strategic goals and environmental, social and governance commitment.

The first task of the Governance of Sustainability of SIT was to structure a Sustainability Plan, pooling the efforts and plans of each individual company function in the ESG field, setting the fundamental goals in the implementation phase and performance KPIs. 

The Plan was presented by the Corporate Sustainability Director to the Control, Risks and Sustainability Committee of SIT S.p.A, and was subsequently approved by the Company’s Board of Directors. The reference time horizon is the same as for Strategic Planning (to 2025), to ensure consistency with the need to have full synergy between business performance and ESG, and to allow adequate and timely monitoring in the same managerial and institutional offices.

The plan brings together about 50 initiatives and projects, grouped into 3 categories, consistent with the pillars of the SIT Green Paper and in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.

The Governance of Sustainability will guarantee the deployment and constant monitoring of the actions of the Plan in order to achieve the established objectives.

The following sections summarize the main projects and initiatives connected to “Made to Matter”, the SIT Sustainability Plan for 2025.

SIT’s road to Sustainability

SIT operates globally in key technology sectors that enable energytransition and has always played a fundamental role in sustainable development, acting as a leader in the “green” innovation.  ESG factors are inextricably linked to SIT’s business model and goals, which aim at “sustainable success”: a full convergence between strategic goals and environmental, social and governance commitment.