Who we are

Our commitment is to create smart solutions for climate control and consumption measurement for a more sustainable world.

The headquarters is located in Padua (Italy), where SIT La Precisa was founded in 1953 by brothers Pierluigi and Giancarlo de’ Stefani. Approximately two thousand people work directly for SIT, more than 60% of which located abroad, at 8 production facilities, at the logistics hub and at 23 commercial offices in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The representative offices and commercial branches are located in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The production and research facilities are located in Italy (Rovigo and Macerata), the Netherlands (Hoogeveen), Romania (Brasov), Mexico (Monterrey), China (Suzhou), Tunisia (El Agba) and Portugal (Lisbon).

The group is a leader which over the years has developed a strong management team, an international presence and is today listed on the main segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.

Many key factors have permitted SIT to become a market leader:

  • significant investments in quality and innovation to build unique know-how;
  • extensive use of cutting-edge production process technology;
  • a strong commitment to expand the product range and enter new markets;
  • a key focus on research and development.

Plants, machinery, structures and a production process organisation featuring an increasing amount of automation are also continually improved. This has led to the creation of and continues to deliver positive effects not only in terms of production efficiency – cutting energy consumption and waste – but also with regards to safety, ergonomics and the guaranteeing of a safe working environment.