• Silver medal for the multinational, positioned amongst the 22% of the best companies in the sector
  • Chiara de ’Stefani (SIT Corporate Sustainability Director): “We want to generate long-term sustainable economic growth”

Padua, January 20, 2022 – After obtaining the “bronze” medal in the 2020 evaluation, SIT climbs the ranking and conquers one of the strategic objectives for the group, the “Silver” certification by EcoVadis, an international rating agency that measures companies’ CSR performance (Corporate Social Responsibility), using a methodology based on the highest international reference standards.

The assignment of the “Silver” sustainability rating testifies SIT’s ethical and proactive approach to ESG principles as well as the company’s sustainable action towards both stakeholders and the ecosystem in which it operates.

SIT, the main scores – The overall performance obtained by SIT places the listed multinational in the 22% of the best companies evaluated by EcoVadis in the reference sector. As for the score related to “Labor Practices and Human Rights“, the company belongs to the 30% of the best practices in the sector while in relation to the “Ethics” principle, SIT is amongst the 27% of the most sustainable companies in the sector.

Achieving a result that we set ourselves only a year ago is a source of great satisfaction and pride for the whole group” stated Chiara de ‘Stefani, Corporate Sustainability Director of SIT, who continues: “Sustainability is an integral part of our strategies, so much so that we have included ESG objectives in management incentive plans and linked the performance of financial instruments – such as bonds – to the achievement of ESG objectives. Obtaining the EcoVadis Silver Rating represents an excellent result, but it is only one of the blocks of our sustainability strategy; a long-term commitment that we undertook in order to generate sustainable economic growth for the company, for the economic and social structure, for the environment and for all our stakeholders.

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