The Milan stock exchange listed company was chosen by the Heating sector leader to develop a valve for the hydrogen boilers they are developing as part of the Hy4Heat programme.


Padua, December 10th 2019. SIT, which develops smart heating and metering solutions, continues to support the introduction of new technologies which deliver energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

SIT was chosen by BOSCH Termotechnik as its technology partner to develop a safety and control valve for the hydrogen boilers they are developing as part of the UK government Hy4Heat programme.

The Hy4Heat programme is part of the United Kingdom’s national “heating decarbonisation” plan which aims to evaluate the use of hydrogen appliances to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of decarbonised gas.

Hydrogen, compared to natural gas, faces significant technological challenges as it is a lighter gas, has a considerably higher flame speed, a greater flammability range and burns at a higher temperature. It therefore requires specially designed and tested appliances and components.

To address these challenges, SIT has developed a new product called Sigma H-generation, which has been approved for use with hydrogen, both in terms of materials and functions, by the KIWA Notified Body*.

The technological partnership with Bosch involves the production of valves which can be used with hydrogen for installation in boilers, with prototypes to be ready in March 2020 and – once approved by Hy4Heat – subsequently to be tested in the field in 2021.


*Kiwa is a Notified Body.  In the European Union, a notified body is a third-party entity accredited by a Member state to assess whether a product to be launched on the market satisfies certain standards.


SIT develops, produces and distributes components and systems for the control and safety of gas-based domestic heating and catering equipment. The Group also operates in the Smart Gas Metering sector (with the subsidiary MeterSit), producing new generation remote meters with real-time consumption readings and communication. It has production companies located in Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Romania and China, in addition to a commercial and distribution structure covering all global markets.

SIT has enjoyed a long-term partnership with BOSCH Termotechnik, a manufacturer of high efficiency heating and domestic hot water solutions, as a supplier of gas valves, fans and electronic boards for domestic boilers.

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