SIT’s Mission, Vision and Values

To clarify and explicitly express its determination to maintain a balance between its financial objectives, respect for the environment and its focus on social topics, SIT has redefined its Mission, Vision and Values.


“Our commitment is to create smart solutions for climate control and consumption measurement for a more sustainable world”.


“To be recognized as the leading sustainable partner for energy and climate control solutions (and to enjoy the journey!)”


Sustainability, Customer orientation, Lead by example, Technology, Lean, Passion. Every day, the company carries out its activities and pursues its goals with these guiding values always in mind. These six values are reflected in the various key documents comprising the Group’s social responsibility tools: the Code of Ethics, the Code of Basic Working Conditions, the Code of Non-Discrimination and Diversity, and the Code of Conduct for Third-Party Suppliers and Intermediaries.

SIT’s Mission, Vision and Values