Product sustainability

Product quality and safety

In the entire history of the Group, rather than an objective to pursue, quality has been the actual starting point.

The Group has two Quality Functions, one for the Heating division and one for the Metering division, which, in addition to ensuring the normal control and prevention on processes and products, continuously ensures that company processes are in line with the best standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental certifications – including controls on hazardous substances and the sourcing of materials from war zones. Among the first in Italy to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Certification, in 1988, the Group has, over the years, pursued steady growth aimed at adapting to and often anticipating the emerging needs of the market. In this regard, all of the Group’s operating facilities are certified to ISO 9001 in its latest 2015 revision. Monitoring by certification authorities has borne out the organisation’s ability to keep product quality consistent with the international standards of reference.

In order to maintain the certifications, the Group submits to annual notified body audits of its Management System and corporate and production processes. This activity is supplemented by an internal audit regularly conducted on all corporate processes and functions, and main suppliers. In addition, the SIT Group regularly analyses all customer feedback.

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